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Change the price of in-app purchase item after publishing android

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Is it possible to change in-app purchase item’s price after it has been published in Google Play? (I’m assuming the app has been published, too).

The whole documentations online at http://developer.android.com as well as http://support.google.com/googleplay/ have nothing about it, only mentioning the possibility of changing price of an app, not the in-app item.

How to&Answers:

Yes you can change prices at will.


You change the prices on the Developer console not in the application, of course if you have graphics/text in the app that shows prices you need to figure out how to update those, maybe pull them from a server?
See: Billing Catalog
and Billing Testing


It seems to me that the pricing policy has changed meanwhile. The current docs warn:

Warning: You cannot change the price of an in-app product after you make it available for purchase.


Any recent experience on this?


Yes, you can change prices of managed and unmanaged in-app products, but NOT for subscriptions. This is because users will always see the latest price of products as they purchase them, so changing the price of a managed/unmanaged product is fine. However, customers who have already purchased a subscription and agreed to a certain price per month (or per year) cannot be made to pay a different price without knowing it.