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Changing displayed Android device name in Eclipse

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When attaching several Android devices to my development machine, it quickly becomes difficult to determine which device is which from Eclipse, because the device names appear to be represented as their serial numbers.

For instance, the Devices list:
enter image description here

Is there any way to display the phone model, or to change the device name?

How to&Answers:

On my Desire (cyanogenmod7, Android 2.3.3) there is a setting:

Homescreen -> press menu -> System settings -> applications -> development -> Device name

Here I can change the devices name which is shown in eclipse.

Unfortunately, my second development phone (Nexus-S, Stock rom with Android 2.3.4) does not have this setting – so maybe your phone has this setting…?!


As of ADT revision 17, the device manufacturer and name appears after the serial number, as follows:

Screenshot of Devices tab in ADT rev 17


Try these commands:

adb -s <serialno> shell setprop persist.usb.serialno <new_alphanumeric_name>
adb reboot

Bear in mind that the size is maximally 15 characters.