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clearFocus() on empty editText is not working in Android

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


I tried to remove focus from empty editText but it isn’t working correctly.
I called clearFocus() on edittext ,and then I placed break point at my onFocusChanged() function call.

Here is what happened:
onFocusChanged() called 4 times with the focused parameters values false,true,false,true.

What I thought was that onFocusChanged() must be called only once (with focused = false)

Sorry for my bad English. Any help would be appreciated.

How to&Answers:

This is happening because your EditText is the first focusable view.

From the docs,

Note: When a View clears focus the framework is trying to give focus
to the first focusable View from the top. Hence, if this View is the
first from the top that can take focus, then all callbacks related to
clearing focus will be invoked after which the framework will give
focus to this view.

You can try setting a dummy focusable view above the EditText to clear the focus from it.


In xml, make parent layout


and then call clearFocus on edit text and then call parent request focus