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codeigniter : getting data between two dates in mysql using php

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I want to retrieve data between two dates in mysql.

from date : 01/04/2015
to date : 01/05/2015

but i cant get date these in single variable;

how i am get as below mentioned:


my code in model :

function date_range($fdate,$fmonth,$tdate,$tmonth,$year)
            $this->db->where('DAY(order_date) >=',$fdate);
            $this->db->where('MONTH(order_date) >=',$fmonth);
            $this->db->where('YEAR(order_date) >=',$year);
            $this->db->where('DAY(order_date) <=',$tdate);
            $this->db->where('MONTH(order_date) <=',$tmonth);
            $this->db->where('YEAR(order_date) <=',$year);
            return $this->db->get('orders');

some times it return results properly, and some times it not return result, but i had an data in mysql between mentioned two dates.

what mistake i make on this code please help me

How to&Answers:

you can use

$this->db->where("YOUR COLUMN BETWEEN DATE_FORMAT(COLUMN1,'%d/%m/%Y') AND DATE_FORMAT(COLUMN2,'%d/%m/%Y'"));


This should do it:

function date_range($fdate,$fmonth,$tdate,$tmonth,$year)
            $this->db->where('order_date <=',date('Y-m-d',mktime(0,0,0,$fmonth,$fdate,$year)))
            $this->db->where('order_date >=',date('Y-m-d',mktime(0,0,0,$tmonth,$tdate,$year)))
            return $this->db->get('orders');


You can use CodeIgniter:

$query = $this->db->query("YOUR QUERY");

where your "Your QUERY" will contain mysql DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%b %d %Y %h:%i %p')

For example using Query Binding

sql = "SELECT * FROM some_table 
       WHERE order_date between  DATE_FORMAT(? ? ?,'%d %m %Y') 
                             AND DATE_FORMAT(? ? ?,'%d %m %Y')"; 

$this->db->query($sql, array($fdate, $fmonth, year, $tdate, $tmonth, year));


public function get_between_dates($date_from, $date_to)
    $this->db->where('order_date >=', $date_from);
    $this->db->where('order_date <=', $date_to);
    return $this->db->get()->result();

This is how you can get data between two dates. Name your form inputs as date_from and date_to respectively.