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Column parsing in Excel

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One of my excel columns like below.

COL A                COL B
ABCDEFGH             ABCDEFGH-#648-2011 EXT.8503  

In column C , I wanted value should be -#648-2011 EXT.8503

How can I do this in Excel?

I have tried formula like this :


However, its not working, please suggest?

How to&Answers:

Looking at your data it seems that B2 has a value with A2 sticked to the left of it. If this is the case then you could use:


If this isn’t the case and it is just a coincidence, then I agree with @Tim Biegeleisen his answer 🙂


Might you want to exclude the hyphen then use:



Many solutions:

You could replace the first instance of A1- in B1 with a null string:


or start after a certain location:


If you really want to include the hyphen in the result in column C, then make the minor changes in the formulas above



Try using this formula:

=MID(B1, FIND("-", B1), LEN(B1) - FIND("-", B1) + 1)

This says to take a substring, starting at the position of the first dash -, for the remainder of the string after that starting point.