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concatenation – Excel concatenate

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I would like to concatenate data from two cells into one cell. I would also like to only combine those cells that have the same ID.

Task ID Name

4355.2 Participant

4355.2 Leader

4462.1 Online

4462.1 Quick

4597.1 Slide

4597.1 One Page

4597.1 One Topic

For example, for this, I would like a cell for 4355.2 with “Participant, Leader” as the data in that cell. The same type of data for 4462.1 with “Online and Quick” as the data for that cell.

Task ID Name

4355.2 Participant, Leader

Is there a way to do that in Excel?

4462.1 Online, Quick

How to&Answers:

Assuming your data is in A1:B8, and sorted.

in C2, =IF(OR(A2>A1,A1="Task ID"),B2,C1&", "&B2), and copy this down to the end of the data
Copy column A to column D, and remove duplicates (tell excel not to expand the selection)
In E2, =INDEX(C:C,MATCH(D2,A:A),1) and copy this down to the end of the de-duplicated data in column D