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Connecting to an SQL Server User Defined Function from Excel

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I have created an Inline Table-Value User Defined Function in SQL Server

I would like to input the parameters in various cells in an Excel spreadsheet, and have a table that will update with the results from those parameters when I enter them.

Normally, I do this with Microsoft Query, but that doesn’t allow me to call a User Defined Function. So how do I go about creating an odc file, or otherwise connecting to that function?

I am using Excel 2010 and SQL Server 2008

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I’m having this same problem. You need to use VBA and ADO to call the function with parameters via a SQL query.

This link shows how to make the call for a scalar function.

A table value function would be similar, but you’d have to return the data as an array/matrix to call it directly from an Excel cell. Alternatively you can follow the directions here to use .CopyFromREcordset() and put the results into a worksheet.


Have you tried:

select dbo.YourFunction()

for a scalar UDF, or:

select * from dbo.YourFunction()

for a table-valued UDF? MS Query might complain it cannot display the query graphically, but you should be able to enter it in SQL mode.

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