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Connecting to MySQL on Serverpilot via SSH & Navicat

Posted by: admin October 29, 2018 Leave a comment


Anyone using ServerPilot on a vps and was able to connect to the MySQL server via SSH with Navicat? On other servers/panels I do that all the time, with no problem; but it won’t make the connection to a MySQL database on ServerPilot (Navicat gives a “SSH connection error; Timeout”). I’m using Navicat on my windows desktop computer, trying to connect to my remote ubuntu VPS database.

On every other server/panel that I’ve tried over the years, this configuration always works:


  • Host Name/IP Address: (or “localhost”)
  • Port: 3306.
  • Username: [database username, e.g., the one assigned by ServerPilot]
  • Password [database password, e.g., the one assigned by ServerPilot]

SSH Tab:

  • Host Name/IP Address: [main IP of my VPS]
  • Port: 22 (at remote VPS) [22 seems to be the correct port in ServerPilot because Putty can login on that port]
  • Username: root [or, “serverpilot” on ServerPilot servers]
  • Password: [the root SSH password of my VPS; or, the “serverpilot” SSH password on ServerPilot servers]

That should also work with ServerPilot according to https://serverpilot.io/community/articles/connect-to-mysql-remotely.html . But it doesn’t.

I also tried separately opening an SSH tunnel with Putty per https://support.cs.wwu.edu/index.php/Tunneling_MySQL_ports_through_SSH#Tunneling_with_PuTTY_in_Windows_.28Older.29 . For databases on other servers/panels, Navicat connects to MySQL perfectly that way. But not when the database is on ServerPilot (it gives an error: “2013 – Lost connection to MySQL server during query” when “testing” the connection in Navicat).

Surely I’m not the only one who has tried connecting to MySQL on a ServerPilot server. If you got it to work, or if you know how, please explain. (BTW, phpMyAdmin works fine on ServerPilot but I find Navicat much more handy for certain tasks when programming in php.) Thank you.