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Controller variables don't update when using them in another controller of an mdPanel passed in via locals

Posted by: admin November 1, 2017 Leave a comment


I have a method in a controller called showFilterMenu(e) which opens up an $mdPanel and passes the locals this.allOptions and this.selectedOptions in.

class MainController{
        this.allOptions = ['A', 'B', 'C'];
        this.selectedOptions = [];
        this.filter = () => {
            // do some logic to filter down a list using this.selectedOptions against this.allOptions.

        this.filterPanelRef = this.$mdPanel.create({
            attachTo: angular.element(document.body),
            controller: 'filterController',
            controllerAs: 'filterCtrl',
            bindToController: true, //redundant since default is true
            template: require('./filter/filter.html'),
            locals: {
                allOptions: this.allOptions,
                selectedOptions: this.selectedOptions,
                filter: this.filter
            clickOutsideToClose: true,
            escapeToClose: true,
            focusOnOpen: true


In my filter template file I make use of a directive, so I continue to pass through the locals from the MainController:


My directive has the following options set:

restrict = 'E';
template = MultiSelectFilterHtml;
controller = 'multiSelectFilterController';
controllerAs = 'multiSelectFilterCtrl';
bindToController = true;
replace = true;
scope = {
    selectedOptions: '=',
    options: '=',
    onFilter: '='

and the MultiSelectFilterHtml looks like:

<md-input-container class="multi-select-filter" md-no-float>
            ng-repeat="option in multiSelectFilterCtrl.options>

Everything works and initializes properly, but when selecting options in the list, they bubble back up to the filterController but then don’t change in the MainController. It’s acting like I am passing in a copy of this.allOptions and this.selectedOptions into the mdPanel.

Basically when my model updates in the multi select filter directive, I want it to be modifying the selectedOptions of the MainController, since my filter method uses that variable when filtering and right now it is always an empty array.

I must be missing something.


It’s difficult without a jsfiddle but I think your bindings are incorrect for the onFilter binding in the multiSelectFilter directive scope, try using ‘&’ instead.

this answer should give you more information https://stackoverflow.com/a/21714971/1248388