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Convert Existing PHP/MYSQL/ website to Native IOS/Android Apps

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Weeks of searching and worked on a few guides to convert my existing hosted PHP/MYSQL website to Native IOS/Android Apps. So far no good result. Tried Phonegap and Cordova too. Searches from the past years back to 2009 stated it is not possible. Is it possible now? Can share a complete guide or e-book for it? The app will be just a direct link to my php website. The app is actually acting like a browser. This is my very first app.



How to&Answers:

May be you should look at webview.. its a widget which wraps your webapp to android webview, basically It means your webapp will open in a browser but it will give look and feel like an mobile app .

here are some tutorials and information about webview from android-sdk and xda-developers




And Also check this answer too,

is Phone Gap capable of converting a php web app into an iphone/android app?..
You can later on, add some features to the application by adding geolocation features for example. Here is an example using Apache Cordova

let me know if you want any further guidance……