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Convert HEX to RGB in Excel

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I have a column “HEX” and three columns “R”, “G”, and “B”.

How can I convert a HEX to RGB, e.g. ff0000 to R=255, G=0, and B=0?

I know that the first 2 characters ff belongs to “R”, the next 2 00 belongs to “G”, and the final 2 00 belongs to “B”. So I will have to use =LEFT(A1, 2) for “R”, =RIGHT(LEFT(A1, 4), 2), and =RIGHT(A1, 2) for the last.

But how can I convert ff to 255 and 00 to 0, etc.? I guess I will have to do something to parse from hexadecimal (base 16) to decimal (base 10)?

I would like to do it without VBA.

How to&Answers:

You can convert from hex to decimal using the HEX2DEC() function. For instance:


Where cell A1 contains the string FF, this will return 255.

More details here.


You can try with the =Hex2Dec(A1) indeed, but you should split its input into 3 parts:

One for R, one for G and one for B, considering that you would always get them in a format like this ff0000.


This is the result from the formula:

enter image description here


Some pages make that (w3SCHOOL PICKER), but in excel you can make this

vba rgb to hex and inverse

If you try without vba, you’ll only can use 56 colors.
(in case use the colors from a cell)


I have managed to create a excel spreadsheet that converts Hex to RGB in three columns; Red, Green and Blue. Below is the code for it:
Red: =HEX2DEC(LEFT([Cell],2))
Green: =HEX2DEC(MID([Cell],3,2))
Blue: =HEX2DEC(RIGHT([Cell],2))
So far, I have not found any restrictions to this code.
I also made code for RGB to hex:
I hope this answers your question.