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Convert java project into android project on Eclipse

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I have seen a question about converting android to java project. Now I want to know about Converting Java project into Android Project. Is there any way? Thanks

How to&Answers:

First Way

  1. Install ADT plugin
  2. Right click on java project
  3. Select Android > Convert to Android project.
  4. Supply /res folder, /AndroidManifest.xml and /default.properties if needed.

Second Way: UPD

Actually, the “First Way” doesn’t work with latest ADT plugin versions, for some reason google has removed the convert command. Another way would be:

  1. Check in your java project into a VCS (svn or git or whatever)
  2. Delete it from workspace
  3. Import the project from VCS
  4. On import, select Create New Project -> Android

Third Way

Why not just copy sources to a newly created Android project 🙂 ?

Fourth Way: UDP 🙂

  1. Remove the java project from workspace
  2. Start create new Android project wizard
  3. Select create from existing source option and point to your java project folder.


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