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core data – What is coredata equivalent for android

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I used to program for iPhone.

But then I want to make another similar program in Android.

Well, should I use a coredata like framework?

Does android have something similar?

How to&Answers:

Actually what you need is to check ORM tools for Android for persistence.And decide on which one suits you best.

Here are your top choices:

OrmLite : http://ormlite.com/sqlite_java_android_orm.shtml

GreenDao : http://greendao-orm.com/


I recently released an open source version of Core Data for Android, called NexusData. You can find it here: https://github.com/dkharrat/NexusData

It’s still early in development, but hopefully will mature over time.


Try Android Realm. It looks straight forward and easy to use



Room Data Storage is a new way to store application data in Android. It is provided by google and is a part of the Android Architecture components. Room is offered as a high-level, first-party alternative to Realm, ORMLite, GreenDao and many others.


Actually, I think that you have two solutions to save data without using directly SQLite.

You can use shared preference to save a value to a key. It permits to save information quickly, but it’s quite limited.
Also, I have heard about greenDAO (read the “get started”), unfortunately it will be harder to use than Core Data because you will not find any user interface.