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could not run programs on eclipse android

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I am facing some problem while running my android program.It was working fine, recently I upgraded to android 3.1 ( window->android sdk and avd ->available packages , and installed).
Now when i try to run, it is giving following error.

'Launching New_Configuration' has encountered a problem.  An Internel error occured during 'Launching New_Configuration' 
Details >> An internal error occurred during: "Launching New_configuration".

Kindly help me to solve this.

How to&Answers:

At some point the update has changed your run configuration to “New_configuration”

Next to run click the down arrow (or otherwise navigate to “Run As”) and simply re-select Android Application


To solve this I went to:

RUN > RUN CONFIGURATIONS > Android Application > [new_configuration]

Selected the new configuration, on the right panel:

NAME: [input the project name]

BROWSE: for the project you want to launch

Then run.

You need to configure the target base on your preference then you are okey.. 😀

I hope this helps


it’s very simple
you just delete new configuration from
**RUN > RUN CONFIGURATIONS > Android Application > [new_configuration] **


Restarting Eclipse fixed this issue for me.


RUN > RUN CONFIGURATIONS > Android Application > [new_configuration] > Android

In a field Project select Browse and choose your project


In my Case Prefer to run the application as following instead of using “Run New_configuration” icon and run the application smoothly:-
Select “Run as” -> Android Application
my error was:
enter image description here