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CPU usage per application in android

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I am new for android programming.How can we get CPU usage per application in android?
your help will be more helpful

How to&Answers:

Use adb Commands:

adb shell top -m 10


Technique for indentifying android app CPU usage

  • Linux:

    adb shell top -m 10 | grep packagename

  • Windows:

    adb shell top -m 10 | FINDSTR packagename


Go to Settings -> Developer Tools -> Show CPU Usage

Then run the app

EDIT: This has to be done in the app. If you are reading this in 2019, use CPU Profiler


two approaches:

  • adb shell "top -n 1"
  • adb shell dumpsys cpuinfo


Using the new Android Studio 3.0 profiler you can achieve a higher information about the CPU usage and CPU inspection of your APP.

enter image description here


there are a few ways.

the first one is to open the CPU usage in the Jelly Bean developer options.

the second option is to run the adb shell top -m 10 function in your windows Android SDK folder or ./adb shell top -m 10 in your Mac/Linux.


This let’s you monitor in a more top-esque manner

watch -n 0.5 adb shell top -n 1

0.5 is the polling interval


You can use app to access these kinds of information. Such as Simple System Monitor, Simple System Monitor.