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Customise animation function for scrolling

Posted by: admin November 1, 2017 Leave a comment


In my React Native code, I have a ScrollView component that has a list of images. I am scrolling through the images using the following code:

  x: this.props.windowWidth * nextIndex * this.getScalingValue(),
  animated: true

In the code, this.refs[SCROLLVIEW_REF] references my ScrollView.

The problem with this animation is that it’s too quick and therefore doesn’t look good. I would like the scrolling to be slower. I am thinking to pass a callback that specifies how the animation should be.

I looked on this manual page but the only option that appears here is to pass animated: true. I passed this argument but it didn’t change anything.

So is there any way of customising the animation function?

Can I pass a callback? If not, can I pass some other parameter?