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Data loss when request get cancelled using AJAX in Laravel

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I’m sending a big amount of data with POST using ajax in Laravel.
When I send request rapidly and redirect the page to another page then data is getting lost when ajax call is canceled or aborted.

I’ve mentioned the process below:

  1. Send ajax request rapidly
  2. Then before responding to latest request of ajax call by browser I redirect to another page
  3. Then I check the data which is storing when ajax call happen. I found the data is lost.

Below is the code

 var cssData = $('.css-textarea').val();
   url: '/save-data',
   type: 'POST',
   data: {cssData: cssData},
      //do something after success

PHP/Laravel Code

public function saveCssData(){   
   $data = Input::get();
   $cssData =  $data['cssData'];        
   //Do something to save data
    $db->cssData = $cssData;

Please do not assume the exact code because I’ve given an example.
This code works fine but when I send rapid calls by ajax and before getting a response, I redirect to another page then the data is lost. I’ve set enough post_max_size and other configurations but still, it’s not fixed

Example of Input which I am sending by ajax request

  " #class{background:#fff}../*big amount data */...

Example of The Output which I am receiving in database which is lost

  " #class{background:#fff}../*big amount data */...

You can see the data is lost in output. This issue is appearing at sometimes but I noticed that when I request rapidly with ajax and abort the requests by redirecting to another page then it’s appearing but don’t know how to fix this.