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database – Excel – How to connect to another Excel file?

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I have a big spreadsheet(Excel file A) which will be updated every month. Also, I created a parametric search in another Excel file(file B) which can pull data from Excel file A. Therefore, Once I send my parametric search Excel file B to my colleagues, they can always pull the fresh data without updating file B (I would need to update file A monthly to keep data fresh)

I tried to connect data by using Microsoft Query/web data. However, I noticed that if I use web data, the source link changes everytime I update the File A. Therefore, the file B connection won’t work.

(I uploaded the file A to JIRA as an attachment. I tried to upload to Sharepoint, but Excel does not recognize Excel file on Sharepoint as an Excel file, it recognize as a html file. Therefore, I gave up using sharepoint)

Is there a better way to achieve what I have described above?
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How to&Answers:

Since you are using SharePoint, choose From File > From SharePoint folder and input the root URL (e.g. https://companyname.sharepoint.com/sites/workspacename/).

SharePoint Connector

This should give you a dialog box like this once you’ve logged in:

SharePoint Workspace

Click on Edit to open the query editor.

enter image description here

You likely only want one particular file in there, so click on Binary in the row that corresponds to the File A that you should have already uploaded to that space. This will import the Excel file.

Click to expand the Table in the row that corresponds to the table that you want to import. This should be the table you keep up to date that gets loaded in.