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date – how to re-format datetime string in php?

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I receive a datetime from a plugin. I put it into a variable:

$datetime = "20130409163705"; 

That actually translates to yyyymmddHHmmss.

I would need to display this to the user as a transaction time but it doesn’t look proper.

I would like to arrange it to be like 09/04/2013 16:37:05 or 09-apr-2013 16:37:05.

How do I go about and change the orders of the string?

As for now I could think is to use substr to separate the date and time. I’m still not sure on how to add the additional characters and rearrange the date.

How to&Answers:

why not use date() just like below,try this

$t = strtotime('20130409163705');
echo date('d/m/y H:i:s',$t);

and will be output

09/04/13 16:37:05


For PHP 5 >= 5.3.0 http://www.php.net/manual/en/datetime.createfromformat.php

$datetime = "20130409163705"; 
$d = DateTime::createFromFormat("YmdHis", $datetime);
echo $d->format("d/m/Y H:i:s"); // or any you want


09/04/2013 16:37:05


If you want to use substr(), you can easily add the dashes or slashes like this..

$datetime = "20130409163705"; 
$yyyy = substr($datetime,0,4);
$mm = substr($datetime,4,6);
$dd = substr($datetime,6,8);
$hh = substr($datetime,8,10);
$MM = substr($datetime,10,12);
$ss = substr($datetime,12,14);
$dt_formatted = $mm."/".$dd."/".$yyyy." ".$hh.":".$MM.":".$ss;

You can figure out any further formatting from that point.


try this

$datetime = "20130409163705"; 
print_r(date_parse_from_format("Y-m-d H-i-s", $datetime));

the output:

[year] => 2013
[month] => 4
[day] => 9
[hour] => 16
[minute] => 37
[second] => 5


You could do it like this:

$datetime = "20130409163705"; 
$format = "YmdHis";

$date = date_parse_from_format ($format, $datetime);
print_r ($date);

You can look at date_parse_from_format() and the accepted format values.


You can use date_parse_from_format() function …

Check this link..you will get clear idea


https://en.functions-online.com/date.html?command={"format":"l jS \of F Y h:i:s A"}


date("Y-m-d H:i:s", strtotime("2019-05-13"))