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Delete multiple objects in django

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


I need to select several objects to be deleted from my database in django using a webpage. There is no category to select from so I can’t delete from all of them like that. Do I have to implement my own delete form and process it in django or does django have a way to already do this? As its implemented in the admin interface.


You can delete any QuerySet you’d like. For example, to delete all blog posts with some Post model


and to delete any Post with a future publication date


You do, however, need to come up with a way to narrow down your QuerySet. If you just want a view to delete a particular object, look into the delete generic view.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think the answer is somewhere between. To implement your own, combine ModelForms and generic views. Otherwise, look into 3rd party apps that provide similar functionality. In a related question, the recommendation was django-filter.