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directory – link a folder to an excel sheet

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I am an avid movie collector, have a collection of 1000’s of movies.

What I normally do is, I have a notepad with list of movies to download and watch.
I keep all the downloaded movies in one folder named “Movies” and once I watch any movie, I move it to another folder named “Watched Movies”.

Now I want an excel file with sheets that will show the list of movies in each of these folders. Also, I want the excel to update by itself, whenever I put a movie into the “Movies” folder, the excel sheet should show that file/folder name and similarly whenever I move it to the “Watched Movies” folder.

Am sure this will be a piece of cake for some of you out there.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

How to&Answers:

Ok to do this you will have you use a VBA macro, what you actually looking for is not that hard but requires a bit of programming knowledge.

Step 1
You will have to add the developer ribbon on excel, if you are using 2010 here is how.

Step 2
On the developer tab click on Visual Basic and it will open the VB interface, I will provide you the script but you need to add the ‘Microsoft Scripting Runtime’ reference.

Step 3
• On the Visual Basic Select Tools – References from the drop-down menu
• A listbox of available references will be displayed
• Tick the check-box next to ‘Microsoft Scripting Runtime’
• The full name and path of the scrrun.dll file will be displayed below the listbox
• Click on the OK button

Step 4

Selec ThisWorkbook and paste the following code

Sub ViewFiles()
    theRow = 3
    Call ShowFiles(Range("A1"), True)
End Sub

Sub ShowFiles(path, subfolders)
    Set obj = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Set Source = obj.GetFolder(path)
    On Error Resume Next
    For Each file In Source.Files
       theCol = 2
       Cells(theRow, theCol).Value = file.path
       theCol = theCol + 1
       Cells(theRow, theCol).Value = file.Name
       theCol = theCol + 1
       Cells(theRow, theCol).Value = file.Size
       theCol = theCol + 1
        theRow = theRow + 1
    If subfolders Then
    For Each subFolder In Source.subfolders
        Call ShowFiles(subFolder.path, True)
   End If
End Sub

Step 5
On the cell A1 paste the path you want to see, then press ALT +F8 and execute the macro called ViewFiles this will update the workbook with all the files.

It should look something like this:
enter image description here

Let me know if it worked for you!