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Disadvantages of using NodeJS instead of PHP

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


I am thinking of using NodeJS for my website instead of my current PHP + Apache setup. Are there any major disadvatanges/advantages to making this switch?

My site will get lots of small requests and occasional requests that require lots of calculations on the server side.

I have a server that I can install anything I want on, so hosting is not a factor in this decision. Although I would like to maximize performance while minimizing memory and processing requirements.

I guess my main question is, when is NodeJS an appropriate solution for a website?

  • You can’t use any of the pre-existing PHP applications and libraries.
  • You’ll need to learn about event-driven programming.

Although those may not always be considered disadvantages per se.


PHP is not going to disappear immediately, but its positions are undermined even further by the nascent Node.js.
Node.js is functionally similar to the PHP + Apache or ASP + IIS stacks.

And there are 2 main advantages:

Speed! (Performance)
Node.js is event-driven and non-blocking and very good at handling concurrent requests.
Here is a link to a benchmarking test for node.js against PHP on Apache.