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Display pictures dynamically with v-for [duplicate]

Posted by: admin November 26, 2021 Leave a comment


I’m trying to display a few JPG-pictures, that are in my src/assets/images folder by making use of the v-for-directive, but somehow the browser cannot find them. Weirdly enough, if I manually summon the pictures with identical coordinates, it works. Below you find the code to reproduce it. Screenshot of Page.

    <img src="@/assets/images/1.jpg" width="10%" />
    <img src="@/assets/images/2.jpg" width="10%" />

      v-for="(image, i) in images"
      @click="showProp(image.url, i)"
export default {
  methods: {
    showProp: function (url, i) {
      console.log(url, " and ", i);
  data() {
    return {
      images: [
        { url: "@/assets/images/1.jpg" },
        { url: "@/assets/images/2.jpg" },
<style scoped>
h2 {
  padding: 30px;

When I click on the broken pictures in the browser, first left picture then right picture, the console reads:

@/assets/images/1.jpg  and  0
@/assets/images/2.jpg  and  1

What did I try?

  • Try to find whether previous Stack Overflow posts [1,2] might be able to solve my problem
  • Different Path-Syntax (@/assets/ OR ../assets/)
  • Getting rid of aestethics
  • Forcing type match of image.url with String(image.url)

1: Vue.js image v-for bind
2: How to reference static assets within vue javascript


  • I should add that this component is inside a Vue-Router
  • Inspection of HTML-elements of the displayed page shows that manual IMG-entries were processed differently than dynamical entries. [3]
  • I’m on a Win10-machine with local Admin-rights
  • I realized that <img :src="path" /> AND data(){return{ path: "@/assets/images/2.jpg"}} also fails.

3: https://i.stack.imgur.com/xhpVc.png


I actually had the same problem a while ago, try to require:

 images: [
    { url: require("@/assets/images/1.jpg")},
    { url: require("@/assets/images/2.jpg") },