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Displaying Gravity Forms Forms Outside of WordPress

Posted by: admin February 26, 2018 Leave a comment


My client wants to use Gravity Forms to create forms – he is giving department managers access to the WordPress dashboard, then each manager will go in and create forms. No problem there.

But, the client has a special interface for end-users (members) that is OUTSIDE of WordPress. He would like to have the forms created using Gravity Forms to be displayed in this interface. I can create shortcode or use the function ‘gravity_form()’ to call the forms, but then they are always displayed with the WordPress headers/layout/etc.

Is there a way I can access and display JUST the form? (I’ve tried doing something similar to how the preview is displayed when you click the ‘preview’ option while creating the form. But, I get the ‘this is a preview’ message).


You might try the following add-on which generates an iframe you can use to display the form on pages outside WordPress:

Gravity Forms Iframe Add-on

The typical process to embed a Gravity Form on a site where the plugin isn’t installed requires:

  • Developing a custom page template with necessary code to output form scripts and styles.
  • Creating a new page in WordPress.
  • Inserting the form shortcode in the new page.
  • Manually writing an iframe tag with the page permalink and giving it a static height.

With the Gravity Forms Iframe add-on, just enable a setting to allow the form to be embedded and copy the code snippet. That’s it. As a bonus, the iframe automatically resizes whenever the form height changes — for instance, when fields are shown or hidden due to conditional logic.