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Doctrine and LIKE query

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I have entity for Doctrine:

 * @Entity
 * @Table(name="orders")
class Orders {
    /** @Id @Column(name="OID",type="integer") @GeneratedValue */
    private $id;
    /** @Column(name="Product",type="string")*/
        private $product;
    /** @Column(name="RegCode",type="string")*/
        private $reg_code;
    /** @Column(name="OrderEmail",type="string")*/
    private $email;

I need make query like this:

select * from `orders` where `OrderEmail`='[email protected]' and `Product` LIKE 'My Products%'

I try handle query without like:


But it make error. Why?
Can I do this query without DQL? I want make this query use magic methods findBy**


This is not possible with the magic find methods. Try using the query builder:

$result = $em->getRepository("Orders")->createQueryBuilder('o')
   ->where('o.OrderEmail = :email')
   ->andWhere('o.Product LIKE :product')
   ->setParameter('email', '[email protected]')
   ->setParameter('product', 'My Products%')


You can use the createQuery method (direct in the controller) :

$query = $em->createQuery("SELECT o FROM AcmeCodeBundle:Orders o WHERE o.OrderMail =  :ordermail and o.Product like :searchterm")
->setParameter('searchterm', '%'.$searchterm.'%')
->setParameter('ordermail', '[email protected]');

You need to change AcmeCodeBundle to match your bundle name

Or even better – create a repository class for the entity and create a method in there – this will make it reusable


This is not possible with the magic methods, however you can achieve this using DQL (Doctrine Query Language). In your example, assuming you have entity named Orders with Product property, just go ahead and do the following:

$dql_query = $em->createQuery("
    SELECT o FROM AcmeCodeBundle:Orders o
      o.OrderEmail = '[email protected]' AND
      o.Product LIKE 'My Products%'
$orders = $dql_query->getResult();

Should do exactly what you need.


Actually you just need to tell doctrine who’s your repository class, if you don’t, doctrine uses default repo instead of yours.



you can also do it like that :

$ver = $em->getRepository('GedDocumentBundle:version')->search($val);

$tail = sizeof($ver);