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Documenting PHP multiple inheritance with PhpDoc

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I have multiple inheritance like this one: Can I extend a class using more than 1 class in PHP? (let’s not discuss this approach itself please) and want my IDE to know about inherited class methods and properties. Is there a way to do it with PhpDoc?

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It seems there is currently no way to do it easily. I’ve created a ticket at PhpStorm issue tracker. Maybe they will add support for this feature.



The @method anotation should be used for classes implementing __call. On a related note, for __get, __set and __isset, the @property annotations should be used. The only thing I don’t know for sure is whether Eclipse PDT supports these annotations. I know NetBeans does.


there is no support for multiple inheritances at class level. This means you can’t extend more than one class at a time. However multiple inheritance is supported in interfaces. An interface can extend an arbitrary number of other interfaces
at a time.