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Does Android support jquery?

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


I am developing an Android application,here I have decided to put page flip rotation.Just wanted to know whether Android supports jquery so that it would be easier for me to implement the logic

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If you are developing a web application, then yes, Android will be able to view it properly. Android’s browser uses the WebKit layout engine, which supports Javascript, and therefore jQuery. But on the other hand, if you are really making a web app, then there is no point in targeting Android specifically: most web-enabled platforms will run it with a few hacks here and there.

I presume you are actually making a native Android app (i.e. one which will be compiled to an .apk file). This is a completely different thing: it is programmed in a different language (Java), and is not hosted in a web browser.


if you are looking to build a webpage using jQuery & view it in android.. then the answer would be yes (since jquery is a javascript library & android’s webkit supports it).. but jquery cannot be used to create apps you need to use java for that.


If you’re asking if you could develop the application in jQuery, then you look for jquery mobile


jQuery is Javascript so yes, Android does support jQuery.

(Of course you need something like PhoneGap, if you want to create a native app)


You tagged android-xml and java, So I assume you are referring to Native Apps. It would be unwise to use JQuery. Because you need to add a browser to your app, make an interface with it, while you could do it with Android API easily and very faster.