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Does it make sense to implement md-data-table for angular material design?

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I just created the md-data-table repository based on google material.
It will be an extension for angular-material design:


demo: http://iamisti.github.io/md-data-table/

Does it make sense to implement?

I mean, I didnt see any md-data-table in the milestone of angular material (which I dont see why). So that I just want to make sure, I don’t waste my time.


Update: This answer is from 2015. What was said below about the feature did not arrive.

As ThomasBurleson wrote about a month ago in this github comment on an issue similar to your question or poll here.

This is a very important component for Angular Material and any UI
Component library.

With the current schedule and goals for v1.0, however, the mdDataTable
will be implemented after the v1.0 release of Angular Material.

At the time of writing ng-material is on version 0.10/0.10.1-rc1, and it has been stated they are working for a v1 release this summer.

ThomasBurleson again: (source)

Angular Material 1.0 has a planned release for summer of 2015.

I’m sure I’ve seen some implementations of datatables so far by the ng/ng-material community, so I guess we’ll have to make do with user-contributed solutions for now. (user-created datatable here or here)

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