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Download and install Android studio gradle offline

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I have been having internet issues, so installing gradle for android studio has been a big issue, so I downloaded the zip file. However, I dont know how to install it offline and set Android studio to use the offline version. I need help.

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How to&Answers:

Now you find your path where your android studio install

then Find .gradle folder, normally gradle is present here…


Now paste your .zip file in dists folder and Extract.

Now open android Studio Go to

File > Settings > Build, Execute, Deployment > Gradle >

Now in Dialog select Use Local gradle distribution and paste path of your folder where extract .zip file.

then apply and OK

now you can update your gradle(app) And Go to file, setting same as like above path and in dialog SELECT Offline work

Apply and Ok.


  • Download gradle zip file
  • Open the gradle-wrapper.properties file from your android project, path specified below


  • Set the distributionUrl to point to the download zip location, for example



Now build the project and Android Studio will install the gradle.


Common link for all versions of Android Studio depending on Platforms. Also options like with SDK or without SDK can be chosen.

All Downloads are offline Installers.
Download Studio from here