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eclipse – Restart ADB from Android Studio

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I previously developed on Eclipse and just migrated to Android Studio.
Everything works fine, it’s better and faster.

I work on real device, and Android Studio recognizes it without issue.

But when I disconnect and reconnect my device, it doesn’t recognize my device anymore, I have to exit and restart Android Studio.

I can’t find a way to “Reset adb” like Eclipse Feature.

Reset ADB from within Eclipse

Can ADB be restarted from within Android Studio? If so, how?

How to&Answers:

What I usually do when I get this error is restarting the adb server by typing in the command into Terminal:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

However this can be achieved in Android Studio. Clicking the Monitor button you can launch the same program you have referenced from Eclipse.


monitor 2

If you do not see this you may need to update your Platform Tools from the SDK Manager button.

enter image description here


that did trick for me thanks. resetting adb on android studio fixed my issue of ADB not responding. If you’d like to retry, then please manually kill “adb.exe” and click ‘Restart’. spent 2 days trying look for solution to this


Apart from the above working answer, the ADB can also be restarted during the restart of Android Studio ( File > Invalidate Cache / Restart > Just Restart ).

ADB is down for a reason, therefore a clean restart of Android Studio is suggested.