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Edit Script Output with Stylesheet

Posted by: admin October 21, 2018 Leave a comment


How are you?
I have a problem with the output of an internal webpage I use to print a query. It is ultimately just a formatting problem with the output.
The actual script (get_data.php) should do nothing more than to create an output for a certain topic or for a certain category (for example, records with the value “DVD” or books of an author).
That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.
Now I have the problem that when I create the output this is not displayed correctly.
The actual text block sits one line below the bullet point. This is not earth-shattering but it does not look quite so pretty, so I would like to fix it. 😉

The website uses some stylesheets to give it their formatting, but the bullets or the list are generated by script. But I’m standing in front of the mountain and can not continue with this “formatting problem”.

Can you help me?
Many thanks in advance


PS: I hope my english isn’t to bad.