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encoding – PHP, convert UTF-8 to ASCII 8-bit

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I’m trying to convert a string from UTF-8 to ASCII 8-bit by using the iconv function. The string is meant to be imported into an accounting software (some basic instructions parsed accordingly to SIE standards).

What I’m running now:

iconv("UTF-8", "ASCII", $this->_output)

This works for accounting software #1, but software #2 complains about the encoding. Specified encoding by the standard is: IBM PC 8-bit extended ASCII (Codepage 437).

My question is, what version of ASCII is PHP encoding my string into, and if other than specified – how can I encode the string accordingly to the standard specification?

How to&Answers:

try this for the software #2

iconv("UTF-8", "CP437", $this->_output);

Extended ASCII is not the same as plain ASCII.
The first one maybe accepts ASCII, but the second software requires Extended ASCII – Codepage 437

see this link