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Error "can't use subversion command line client : svn" when opening android project checked out from svn

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I’m new to Android development and the development tools around it. I have checked out a project from svn using TortoiseSVN client (can’t manage to do it from within Android Studio), then get this error message after importing the project to Android Studio:

can’t use subversion command line client : svn

Probably the path to Subversion executable is wrong. Fix it..

When I click “Fix it” link, this dialog pops up:

enter image description here

But I still have no idea what I am supposed to do to fix this? Any kind of help/suggestion/direction to fix the problem are welcome.

How to&Answers:

Android Studio cannot find the svn command because it’s not on PATH, and it doesn’t know where svn is installed.

One way to fix is to edit the PATH environment variable: add the directory that contains svn.exe. You will need to restart Android Studio to make it re-read the PATH variable.

Another way is to set the absolute path of svn.exe in the Use command client box in the settings screen that you included in your post.


According to this other post, TortoiseSVN doesn’t include the command line tools by default. But you can re-run the installer and enable it. That will add svn.exe to PATH, and Android Studio will correctly pick it up.


This is annoying, I wish IntelliJ would handle this better than a startup nag..

If you are using TortoiseSVN 1.8+ on Windows, do this:

  1. Run the the TortoiseSVN Installer. (It may still be in your Downloads folder)
  2. Select the option to Modify.
  3. Install Command line client tools on to the local harddrive.
  4. Add C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin to your Path environment variable.
  5. Restart IntelliJ.


Saw your problems.


First Download Subversion 1.8.13 ( 1.8 ) client
Download link (https://subversion.apache.org/packages.html)
at the time of this post the android studio version is less than 1.4
in my case 1.3.2 so you must avoid the issues here subversion command line client version is too old so just download the 1.8 preferably.

enter image description here

Then unzipped in a folder. There will have one folder “bin“.


Go to settings - > Version control -> Subversion

Copy the url of your downloaded svn.exe that is in bin folder that you have downloaded.

follow the picture:

enter image description here

Don’t forget to give the end name like svn.exe last as per image.

Apply -> Ok

Restart your android studio now.

Happy Coding!


First install TortoiseSVN. During installation follow this steps

1.Run the the TortoiseSVN Installer.

2.If you have already installed svn, “Select the option to Modify”.

3.select the check box “Install Command line client tools on to the local harddrive”.
enter image description here

4.Add C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin to your Path environment variable or press CTRL+ALT+S in android studio. Then go to “Version Control”-> Subversion -> General -> Check the Checkbox “use commmand line client” and set the path to C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe

5.Restart IntelliJ.

In Android studio1.5 version when you try to add the file in your project,
android studio will ask for a pop like "schedule for Addition"
to subversion?. select the check box (Remember, don't ask again) and click "yes". 
After this whatever the file you add or remove to your project it will automatically
synced to your svn repository. suppose if you didn't get that dialog, but you want to
add the newly added .png or xml file to svn means you can manually select those files 
which you have added (the newly added file will be in red color) right click 
on that file -> subversion -> Add to VCS or simply select the file and use (CTRL+ALT+A).

In the image green color(logo_actionbar) represents to file was already added to svn, red represents yet to add in svn. cool..!

If you want to change the “Schedule for Addition” setting means, Go to Settings -> Version Control -> Confirmation -> When files are created
Choose Show options before adding to version control

enter image description here
enter image description here


I use the IDE Phpstorm,but I think it maybe the same as AS.

1.You should reinstall the svn. And choose option modify.
enter image description here

And next step,you can see the command line client tools.

Let’s choose first one: Will be installed on local hard drive.
enter image description here

2.Now restart you computer.

Go to the svn location,all the time it will be C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin.

If you see the svn.exe in C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin,it proved that we reinstall command line client successfully.
Copy C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe into the IDE.

enter image description here

3.Restart you IDE.It is ok!


If you are using ubuntu, check weather subversion is installed or not.

If not then install through command line as

sudo apt-get install subversion

and check following configurations are selected

enter image description here


I have fixed the issue after upgrading existing svn client on mac OS X with following link:(1.7.x to 1.9.x)


  1. Open Android Studio
  2. Go to Settings -> Version Control -> Subversion -> General -> User command line client ( Marked checkbox)

replace ‘svn’ with your svn installed path like ‘/usr/local/bin/svn’


i have fixed the issue by just downloading the android command line tool
from https://www.visualsvn.com/downloads/
download apache comand line tool
unzip it on drive
go to your android settings/version control/subversion
and make sure only command line option is enable
set the path of svn.exe as shown below
C:\Users\viratsinh.parmar\Apace SVN client\Apache-Subversion-1.8.13\bin\svn.exe

now in your android studio update the project , you will be able to commit now.
you can contact me on [email protected]


i was also getting the same Error, if you are using TortoiseSVN-1.9.5 just do two step Process
1:Click on TSVN.exe tool and
2:Select there on Second Window the Command line for Save on Local Drive with giving the path
3:Click ok
Now Restart You Android Studio/IntelliJ


There are better answers here, but how I fix this may be relevant for someone:

After checking out the project from SVN, instead of choosing the 1.7 version, I chose Subversion 1.6 and it worked.


Installing Subversion for Windows should solve the issue.
Please see my answer here – https://stackoverflow.com/a/31627732/3433133


If you using windows, you can fix it via install SVN Tool.
If you using Linux/MacOS, you can fix it via install subversion.
After that, just select using svn command.
Your problems is resolve.


Under Linux, got same problem after Android Studio update (and several months without using it…).

I solved it by running the following command in a console:

mv .subversion/ .subversion.bak

I prefer that command to rm -R .subversion since it left me a rollback option.