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Error debugging and build in Git PowerShell command and Import in Android Studio 1.1.0

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I want to use Indic-Keyboard github project for build an application. So when I clone it to my repository and try to build I get build failed with an exception that

Cannot evaluate module ime : Configuration with name 'default' not found.

I create my own release key for key store in android studio 1.1.0 according to developer.android.com’s suggestion for Signing Your Own App

and store it in E:\GitHubCloneProject\AddSubmoduleAndroidStudio\CloneProject\java\keystores\android.jks.

and also set ANDROID_HOME=E:\Android Sdk in my system environment variable by using the
following suggestion from stackoverflow.

I follow the procedure for initialize,update and add submodule according to github project “austimkelly/my-android-project/How-to-Use”.

When I try to import in my android studio I get the error

Can not invoke method readLine() on null Object.

I’m using gradle 2.2.1.


checkout your indic-keyboard/ime folder, if it is empty follow these steps-

  1. after using this command “git clone –recursive [email protected]:smc/Indic-Keyboard.git” use cd indic-keyboard to navigate to project directory
  2. use “git checkout -f HEAD” to check the status
  3. use “git submodule update –init –recursive” or “git submodule foreach –recursive git checkout master” as suggested in this stackoverflow question.
  4. then go to build.gradle in your clonned directory/indic-keyboard/java and remove signingConfigs and buildTypes part from it, after saving import java folder to android studio and hopefully everything will work

    • @CSE09 are you able to use it in your app, if so please guide me how you did that, as I am struggling to convert it into a library project in android studio