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excel – Add custom tab in the ribbon

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I am trying to learn something new. I have created a custom tab based on Siddharth Rout’ tutorial.
The XML part is like that

<customUI onLoad="RibbonOnLoad" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2009/07/customui">
<ribbon startFromScratch="false">
<tab id="MyCustomTab" label="MyTab" insertAfterMso="TabView">
<group id="customGroup1" label="First Tab">
<button id="customButton1" label="JG Button 1" imageMso="HappyFace" size="large" onAction="Callback1" />
<button id="customButton2" label="JG Button 2" imageMso="PictureBrightnessGallery" size="large" onAction="Callback2" />

Then in workbook module I put this code so as to activate the tab when the workbook is open

Private myRibbon As IRibbonUI

Sub OnLoad(ribbon As IRibbonUI)
Set myRibbon = ribbon
myRibbon.ActivateTabMso ("MyTab")
End Sub

But when I opened the workbook, I encountered an error Can't run the macro RibbonOnLoad. I am using Office 365 32 Bit and Windows 10 64 Bit.

How to&Answers:

First, as freeflow has already mentioned, the callback should be RibbonOnLoad. Secondly, you should be using the ActivateTab method, since it’s a custom tab. And thirdly, you should be specifying the control ID, not the tab name. Try the following code, which needs to be placed in a regular module…

Private myRibbon As IRibbonUI

'Callback for customUI.onLoad
Sub RibbonOnLoad(ribbon As IRibbonUI)

    Set myRibbon = ribbon
    myRibbon.ActivateTab "MyCustomTab"

End Sub