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excel – Color cells with specific character values in r to export to xlsx

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I’m trying to accomplish something that shouldn’t be that difficult, yet it escapes my tries.

So I have an R Data Frame which looks something like this:

MeanTemperature(ºC) Longitude Latitude Height FinalConsiderations
      5                 91ºW    152ºS    548m     Slightly Cooler
      16               185ºE     53ºN    722m      Unchanged
      22                16ºW      2ºS    206m Significantly Warmer

The dataframe is a result of a filtered analyzed data. The end product is an Excel (xlsx) where the final column is the conclusion of the overall analysis. So, those steps are all taken care of, but these tables are rather large, so it would be nice to be able to color, for example, in RED where it says “Significantly Warmer”.

I’ve tried using the workbook from said dataframe

  wb <- loadWorkbook(file) #where file is the location path

Here I want to collect those cells where it reads ‘Significantly Warmer’ in red, and afterwards export the workbook to xlsx.

 fo1 <- Fill(foregroundColor="blue")   # create fill object # 1
 cs1 <- CellStyle(wb, fill=fo1)        # create cell style # 1
 sheets <- getSheets(wb)               # get all sheets

But now I can’t find a way of making a function in the wb setting where at the $FinalConsiderations column == ‘Slightly Cooler’, the cells foreground is colored red, afterwards exporting to xlsx.

How to&Answers:

So I’ll write how I solved it, in case it helps anyone with a similar situation.

I downloaded the openxlsx package.

library(openxlsx) #recall the library

wb <- createWorkbook() # create a workbook

addWorksheet(wb, "Sheet", gridLines = TRUE) #add a worksheet to the workbook

writeData(wb, "Sheet", df) # write my analysis into the worksheet of the workbook, 
 #where df is the name of my data frame

Afterwards, I create the styles, following the createStyle function (see documentation).

In my case, I had to look for specific characters in my data

 warm1Style <- createStyle(fontColour = "#000000", bgFill = "#FFFF00")
 # here search for the respective HEX color-code and assign a name to the style

 conditionalFormatting(wb, "Sheet", cols = 1:5,
                  rows = 1:50, rule = "Significantly Warmer", style = warm1Style,
                  type = "contains")
 # account the condition where "Significantly Warmer" is contained in a cell,
# then apply the respective style to it (in this case, warm1Style)

Then that’s it, like so it can be done to any phrase or characters in the workbook.

Finally, save the workbook as an xlsx:

saveWorkbook(wb, file, overwrite = TRUE)

Thanks for the response