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excel, conditional formatting in other tab

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I have two tab sheets. I have in the first tab sheet a cell (B21) with a the following conditional formatting code: =ISNUMBER(B21)..then the cell will turn green.

What I want is that cell A1 in the second tab sheet will act the same as cell B21 in the first tab sheet.

I can copy the cell and then paste it in the second tab sheet but then the conditional code in the A1 cell is =ISNUMBER(A1) but I want it to refer to tabsheet 2, which is =ISNUMBER(B21)

Anyone know how to do this?


How to&Answers:

Go to the second tab and select Conditional Formatting, New Rule and select Use a formula to determine which cells to format.

Click the range selector button (to the right of the text box with the red arrow). Now select B21 on the first tab, reclick the range selector button, make your formatting changes and click OK.

In the picture below, you can see that the formula refers to B21 on Sheet 1, but is applied to A1 onSheet 2`.

enter image description here