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Excel Conditional Formatting – Multiple Conditions

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I am trying to put some conditional formatting into a spreadsheet but I have become stuck, I have three things I need to check:

  1. Does the name in column A match with one in D
  2. Is the date in column E today or earlier
  3. Is the date in column G today or later

If all of these conditions are met then the corresponding cell in column A will change colour.

Here’s whats in the table:

  • There is a list of staff in column A
  • If they are out of office at any time during the week their name will be in column D
  • Column E is the start of their time off
  • Column G is the end of their time off

So far I can only get it to highlight if the names match, I’m struggling to add the other conditions even after Googling for hours:


I also tried this, to no effect:


Any suggestions?

How to&Answers:

You’re close. I tried the following formula and it appears to work:


The result of this is:

enter image description here


@jsheeran’s answer will work. However, if you apply it to many cells, it could become slow due to the VLOOKUP. INDEX/MATCH is a one to one replacement for VLOOKUP and it is faster, more adaptable, and doesn’t break if you were to insert a column between D and E.

        INDEX($E:$E, MATCH($A1,$D:$D,0))<=TODAY(), 
        INDEX($G:$G, MATCH($A1,$D:$D,0))>=TODAY(),