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excel – Conditional formatting with *

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How can I set up a conditional formatting by using * ?
The conditions are:

If the nr. is >=1500 it shows ****

If the nr. is between 1000 and 1500 it shows ***

If the nr. is between 500 and 1000 it shows **

and if the nr is <500 it shows *

An example is below:

And after conditional formatting should be like this:

I ve tried everything but nothing works..

How to&Answers:

You can create four different conditional formatting rules or use one custom number format for two conditions with a default and one CFR to split the default.

First select B2:whatever and set the number format to,


Next (with the same range selected) create a new CFR based upon the following formula,

=b2<500       'B2 is the upper-left-most cell in the selection 

Click Format and set a new custom number format of


Click OK to accept the format then OK again to create the custom number format.

enter image description here


You can do:


Note that you can put >= if you want 1500 instead of 1501.

You could also use vlookup, with 1500 in cell B1 and **** in cell C1, 1000 in B2 etc, and


Neither tested as I am on a smartphone, sorry, but the if() should be fine, the vlookup may need the * entered as text…