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excel – Convert date to epoch time using AWK in linux

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I have a comma-separated file, with the first column as a date of the format 01/31/2010
that I want to change into epoch time, such that the file “file.csv”:


will change into “output.csv”:


I know the command line date -d “01/30/2010” +%s will work, but only on a single date, and I need to feed it into a table, so, is there a way to use awk with some func():

cat file.csv | awk -F, 'print func($1)","$2","$3}'

Since I don’t really care how I do this, alternatively, how would I change a date in excel into epoch, when the string is mm/dd/yyyy…

How to&Answers:
TZ=PST awk -F, '{split($1,date,"/");
                 $1=mktime(date[3] " " date[1] " " date[2] " " "00 00 00");

Or, invoking date:

TZ=PST awk -F, '{ OFS = FS;
                  command="date -d" $1 " +%s";
                  command | getline $1;


On excel, say a1 has 1/30/2010. then have =(A1-DATE(1970,1,1))*86400 somewhere and then change number format to be General

Alternatively, I dont know awk, but with python, (fairly recent version is needed for .total_seconds())

import datetime as DT
f = [
e0 = DT.date(1970,1,1)
for line in f:
    mm,dd,yyyy=[int(x) for x in line[:2],line[3:5],line[6:10]]
    print str(e) + line[10:]


echo "2016-01-31 23:47:27" | awk -F, '{ OFS = FS;command="date -d " "\"" $1 "\""  " +%s";command | getline $1;close(command);print}'

We need to pass double quotes because we need to execute below:

date -d"2016-01-31 23:47:27" +%s