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excel – copy value by using v lookup and LEN

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I have two sheets, sheet 1 contain the data, sheet 2 will return the value from sheet 1.

sheet 1

   A         B
A40C7A4 BN01:Fruits for Aug-Banana
DB76FE1 BN01:Fruits for Aug-Lemon
9CCA14D BN01:Fruits for Aug-Kiwi
0274DFE BN01:Fruits for Aug-Apple

sheet 2

   A        B
Banana  sheet1,column A value here

I’ve tried using vlookup wildcard, but there is no value copied. Can someone please guide me on this? Thank you in advance.

How to&Answers:

You cannot use VLOOKUP to find something in a column to the right then return an associated value from a column to the left.


=INDEX(Sheet1!A:A, MATCH("*"&A2, Sheet1!B:B, 0))

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