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excel – Count number of numbers in a single cell

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I want to count the number of numbers in a single cell.


In cell A1, I have the following addition:

=12+45+23+51+10 which totals (and shows) 141.

In cell B1, I would like the see how many numbers have been added together, which means that there should be 5 (12 is a number, 45 another one, etc… and all together, there are 5 numbers in cell A1).

I know it seems to be a ridiculous question, but I scanned all the platforms for this issue and did not find any suitable solution. Tried all the LEN and LEN SUBSTITUTE alternatives out there, but somehow it does not work.

Thank you upfront for your help. Optimal solution would be a excel formula, alternatively VBA would also work.

How to&Answers:

Excel 2013 has a new function Formulatext() which returns the, well, formula text. Using that the Len() and Substitute() approach works.


enter image description here


Hit Alt+F11 and Insert->Module with the following VBA:

Function NumCount(Rng As Range)
x = Split(Rng.Formula, "+")
NumCount = UBound(x) + 1
End Function

Then you can call =NumCount(A1) on any cell to get the number of numbers in the formula for that cell.


Use this VBA:

Function GetFormula(Cell as Range) as String
GetFormula = Cell.Formula
End Function

and then to get the number of numbers…


on this as my D99 contents…

enter image description here

The one major drawback here is that I’m assuming everything is + if you have -, *,/ or other operators this gets more challenging. you might be able to use replace for each but you’d always be limited to the 4 basic operators… if someone used exponents or mod, this would be harder.


Also possible in earlier Excel versions without VBA – subject to (i) there is always at least one value in the cells, (ii) the operator is always + and (iii) the cells are in a column.

Replace = with '= in that column, apply the substitution, say:


in a different column and Paste Special, Value the results for that other column. Then apply Text To Columns on the original column with ' as the delimiter.


*There is no way to do this without using a User Defined Function (UDF) written in Excel VBA. Something like this should work:

Public Function numsAdded(cell1 As Range)
    Dim formulaString As String
    formulaString = cell1.Formula
    numsAdded = Len(formulaString) - Len(Replace(formulaString, "+", "")) + 1
End Function

Once you’ve added that to a VBA module, you can use it as a function in any cell in your spreadsheet.

*Edit – Apparently there is a way if you have Excel 2013, as teylyn suggests. If you use 2010 or earlier like me, you’ll need VBA.


Try this:


Note: F16 is only an example name for the cell you want to do the counting on.


F16=45+65+76 # Gives 186
F17=LEN(SUBSTITUTE(F16,"+","+")) # Gives 3