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Excel COUNTIFS checking for blank cells

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I have a COUNTIFS functions that checks a few things. These include;

  • Date
  • Client
  • Whether a certain range is blank

The current function I have is this

=COUNTIFS(DateRange, ">=" & StartPeriod, DateRange, "<" & EndPeriod, ClientRange, "=" $ Client, DateSent, "<> '' ")
  • DateRange is the range of all date,
  • StartPeriod and EndPeriod are the date constraints,
  • ClientRange is the range of all client names,
  • Client is who will be filter for,
  • DateSent is when the item was sent out. This is either a blank value or a date

I am trying to make sure that the DateSent is not blank, but I can’t figure out how to check for it since I can’t use <> “” due to the requirements of the quotes.

How can I get around this requirement in a COUNTIFS?

NOTE: Adding a helper column is not a solution I can use, the table I have is what I have to work with.

How to&Answers:

Try using the inverse logic. I.E. not blank = cell has content or in excel <>"" = "*"

=COUNTIFS( ……… ,DataSent,”*”)




If you can’t use “” for some reason then use ISNUMBER (Assuming dates are numbers, or ISTEXT if text in the sent column) e.g.