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excel – Formula for number of occurrence of the sorted data

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So I have this column with frequently occurring data. I’ve sorted the unique values and I am looking to calculate the number of occurrence of each individual data.

enter image description here

How to&Answers:

One way of doing this is:

  • Select the range with all recurring data
  • Copy the data to a new page / location
  • Select the newly pasted data
  • Under the Data tab, click Remove Duplicates
  • Apply the below formula to your list

Alternatively, if you are filtering the data, you can simply use the same formula on your existing list since you would be filtering out the duplicates anyways.


Create a pivot table. That’s what they do.


First you can use combination of INDEX(), MATCH() function to extract unique values from your list. Then use Countif() function to count occurrence. To extract use below formula.


To count occurrence use following formula.


enter image description here

Alternatively you can use Advance Filter method to extract unique values then use COUNT() function.


Being that you already have the unique values, the answer to your question is to use the COUNTIF formula.

=COUNTIF(A:A,C2) then drag down

The assumptions (which are consistent with your screenshot) for the formula are:

Column A has your base data with the multiples in it

Column C has your unique values and they start on row 2

The formula is pasted into D2 and dragged down