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EXCEL Formula_use AGGREGATE function as MIN but meet error

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I’m trying to use AGGREGATE function as MIN to choose the largest and the smallest number in one column. Because AGGREGATE can also ignore the DIV/0 during this progress.

Apple1 | weight | 1.2
Apple1 | height | 0.5
Apple1 | price  | 1
Apple2 | weight | DIV/0
Apple2 | height | 1.1
Apple2 | price  | 1
Apple3 | weight | 1.1
Apple3 | height | 0.8
Apple3 | price  | 1

And here is my code:


But when I try to use MIN to choose the smallest in the positive results or use MAX to choose the biggest in the negative results, the search result is always 0 but not the “correct” one. In the example above, it should be 1.1, but it gives me 0.

How to&Answers:

With AGGREGATE, only a function parameter of 14 or greater is compatible with an array parameter which is not a worksheet range (or else some construction which resolves to a worksheet range).

However, since the combination of function parameter 15 (SMALL) with k parameter 1 is equivalent to finding the minimum, you should employ this version, viz: