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excel – Google Spreadsheet COUNTIF TODAY()?

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Is there any way to COUNTIF it’s the current date?

For example I have a spreadsheet with work orders, once the employee starts the work order it captures a time stamp, after the work order is completed it is moved to an archive, well I wanted to create a summary sheet that tells me how many orders we have done for that date, the format of the time stamp is:

2/19/2014 17:10:20

So basically I need a COUNTIF to count the column for the current date.

Is this possible?

How to&Answers:

You would need to apply a function first on the range, which then makes COUNTIF not an appropriate function to count those dates matching ‘today’. You can use SUMPRODUCT instead:


INT strips out the time from the datetime.


The new version of Google Sheets has COUNTIFS, which would allow =COUNTIFS(A:A,">="&TODAY(),A:A,"<"&TODAY()+1)

You need to opt in to the new version to make it work, though. (“Try the new Google Sheets”)


If you don’t have COUNTIFS available, as per maybeWeCouldStealAVan's suggestion, then you can use two COUNTIF functions like this


by counting all entries greater than or equal to today then subtracting all those greater than or equal to tomorrow the result is a count of those on today’s date only

That formula will work in Excel or google – another option, similar to Jerry’s is to use this googledocs specific formula



try this:

    dim i as integer
    dim objDate as date
    dim objStartDate as Date
    dim objEndDate as Date
    dim countOrders as integer

    countOrders = 1
    objStartDate = 'the start date to check with ( could be the start of the day)
    objEndDate = 'the end date to check with (could be the end of the day)

    for i = 1 to 'number of rows
        objDate = CDate(cells(i, 1))
        if (objDate > objStartDate) and (objDate < objEndDate) then
            countOrders = countOrder +1
        end if
    next i