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excel – Graphs and Grouping with SUMIF?

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In one column, I have a day column, eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
In another column next to it, I have a number value. (eg. $2000, $5000, $6000)

Monday      |  $5000
Monday      |  $9000
Tuesday     |  $2000
Wednesday   |  $6000
Wednesday   |  $6000

These values will change periodically.

I need to insert a graph, that displays the grouped values.
eg. At current point, the graph shows:

Monday       $5000
Monday       $9000
Tuesday      $2000
Wednesday    $6000
Wednesday    $15000

I need the graph to instead show the same values, but grouped by DAY:

Monday    $14000
Tuesday   $2000
Wednesday $21000

As I said, both the day and the value next to it will change when need be, so I would prefer this to be grouped automatically with some sort of forumla.

Is there any way to do this?

I have had a read on the SUMIF function, but can’t seem to make it work with this.

How to&Answers:

What you want is a Pivot Chart. This is very easy to create, though will vary depending on your excel version.

Pivot Chart!


If you want something to be up to date as you add more information, another option would be to put a SUMIF formula in a section of the workbook, like another tab or hidden column/row, and have the graph look off that.

Example Image