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excel – Hide PivotChart columns

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Is there any way to hide or show certain columns in a PivotTable? For example I have two columns displaying the average sales and the sum of all sales for the months in a year. Is there any way I can pick one of those two when making a chart without duplicating the pivot table or deleting one of those two values?

Example table:

m/f  apples  pears melons        
jan   20       30   40
feb   10       20   10
mar    5       6    12

For example, I want to see a chart displaying only the apples and melons, filtering out the pears without losing the ability to easily compare apples and pears afterwards.

How to&Answers:

For user friendly and fool proof the down arrow next to the Column Labels entry at the head of the PivotTable should suit:

SO25745523 example