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excel – How can I find out the cell adress of the vlookup result

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I’m looking for a formula, that gives me back the cell address of a vlookup based on a date and a related 2-dim (array) 'Table!$A$4:$M$65' of month/year.

4/30/1990  VLOOKUP(YEAR(L12),Table!$A$4:$M$65,MONTH(L12)+1))

The lookup works fine and give me back the value of the looked up cell, but I additionally want the cell adress like E32.

Any idea how to ?

thanks in advance, Mole65

How to&Answers:

Using a combination of ADDRESS and MATCH should help:


enter image description here


enter image description here


I always suggest using INDEX/MATCH instead of VLOOKUP.

INDEX/MATCH can do everything VLOOKUP (and HLOOKUP) can do but it is:

  • faster (important when used in many cells);
  • more versatile (the value you are looking up does not need to be in a column to the right);
  • more robust (inserting columns does not break it);
  • easier to use (no column counting required);

If you used an INDEX/MATCH formula, such as this:


You could put it straight into a CELL function to return the full address:


Example Table:
enter image description here

Example Result:
enter image description here


You do not need the address to highlight the value in the table.
Just create a conditional formatting rule for $B$4:$M$65:


enter image description here