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excel – How do Iinvoke a VBA function inside a Worksheet?

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I have a simple VBA function that is saved in ThisWorkbook of a trusted Macro-Enabled Workbook. The code for this function: GetParameterKey is below.

I would like to call GetParameterKey as a spreadsheet function from a worksheet in the same workbook. However, GetParameterKey does not appear as a user-defined function under Insert Function.

Is there a way to call a function that is defined in the ThisWorkbook section from a worksheet in the same workbook?

Public Function GetParameterKey(natureOfWork As String, size As String, complexity As String, uncertainty As String) As String
' GetParameterKey Macro
' Computes a VLOOKUP key for Nature of Work, Size, Complexity, and Uncertainty.
    Select Case UCase(Trim(natureOfWork))

        Case "BACK END"
            GetParameterKey = "1"

        Case "FRONT END"
            GetParameterKey = "2"

        Case "BOTH"
            GetParameterKey = "3"

        Case Else
            GetParameterKey = "0"

    End Select

    GetParameterKey = GetParameterKey & CategoryKey(size)
    GetParameterKey = GetParameterKey & CategoryKey(complexity)
    GetParameterKey = GetParameterKey & CategoryKey(uncertainty)

End Function

Function CategoryKey(category As String) As String

    Select Case UCase(Trim(category))

        Case "VERY LARGE"
            CategoryKey = "5"

        Case "LARGE"
            CategoryKey = "4"

        Case "MEDIUM"
            CategoryKey = "3"

        Case "SMALL"
            CategoryKey = "2"

        Case Else
            CategoryKey = "1"

    End Select

End Function
How to&Answers:

Place the function in a separate module instead.

  1. Insert -> Module
  2. Paste the function there (make sure it’s declared as Public)
  3. And you should be able to call it from worksheet now

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